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“We don’t want to rest, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. On the contrary: we want to do everything to further expand our company, both internally and externally.”

Fritz Henkel, Company founder, 1916

The Henkel Co-Creation Hub is a virtual studio where Henkel’s Marketeers explore and develop game changing brand experiences in an accelerated, collaborative and consumer-centric approach.

Marketing innovations for consumers
– by consumers.




from world’s best talents



across all divisions



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On-demand, scalable, flexible.
Here’s how it works.

What is the Henkel Co-Creation Hub?

The Henkel Co-Creation Hub is a joint initiative by Henkel and jovoto. Together, we’ve worked on hundreds of brand, packaging, product and activation design projects across departments at Henkel. Our shared belief is that integrating outside-in perspectives enables superior results.

This led to a commitment: together, we’re streamlining our consumer-centric approach to co-creation, by channelling creativity from a crowd of global talent into your project, delivering game-changing brand experiences.

How can I benefit from this?

Not only will your team enter a whole new dimension of customer-centric creativity, but your success is the result of:

    • Exceptional budget-vs-value efficiency, made possible through our framework agreement
    • Full insights, transparency and control of every aspect of your creative development
    • An ecosystem of service partners to extend market insights, consumer validations and follow-up creations
    • A KPI and insights-driven selection process, helps you gain fresh approaches while reducing your risk to fail

What is jovoto?

jovoto is a global, interdisciplinary network of creative professionals and subject matter experts from around the world. Collaborate with curated teams of top talent on a digital platform to deliver outstanding ideas, solving every creative challenge. Henkel’s virtual studio is open to all brand and marketing experts and provides all tools necessary for exploring, refining and validating more solutions based on your insights, in two weeks on average.

Who owns the designs created on the platform?

You do! Every submission in your project belongs to Henkel. More on the topic of intellectual property on jovoto, here.

How much work can I expect in the process?

Collaboration, feedback, and transparency is an important part of the creative process on jovoto. What this means is that you can participate as closely as you wish, but we also understand if you’re busy. The platform is tailored so that you can hand the project over to a dedicated Henkel-Co-Creation Team entirely, from set-up to output. You can budget your time, by expecting to invest a maximum of 8 hours over a span of 2 weeks, including planning, feedback and validation.

How do you guarantee the best result?

We attract new talent to the platform by launching exciting lighthouse projects together with great brands, evaluate them on their previous work, and rate the quality of their submission when they’ve participated in a project. When we curate the Henkel-specific team, we identify the right talent based on your target group, by leveraging data from industry experience to demographics to interests. We make them a winning team by selecting a senior designer with industry and topic-specific expertise to guide them.

Ready, steady, go!

Pierre-Olivier Carrier
Brand Innovation Consultant

I am happy to learn more about your next creative challenge, or give you a guided tour of Henkel’s Co-Creation Hub.

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